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Welcome to Stone Grains s.r.o.

Welcome to EcoStone®

EcoStone®   increases  the
concentration of vitamins, minerals
and flavorperceptions of  products.  As
first  in   Europe we sell EcoStone®
for  large  and also  small growers.
EcoStone® can be bought from 25 kg.
EcoStone®  is natural     mineral
fertilizer  containing 92 natural
elements needed for reclamation
depleted  soils    and subsequent
perfect       growing          across
entire      agriculture.
EcoStone®   is   an   optimal  solution
for improving  root  system, therefore
greater    resistance  to  frost, drought,
pests, mildew. Our product is certified.
Can be obtained from conventional production
- BIO ORGANIC production.
EcoStone®   &   Stevie  both
unique         products        that
Demolitions conventional world,
connected  the   mother  country
of origin - Paraguay. We     are   
bringing both   products   to
EUROPEAN market.
Germination   is  several times faster
and successful with
EcoStone®. Research has shown
that minerals  and  trace  elements
contained in   EcoStone® have  
beneficial   effect on germination.
EcoStone® is absolutely  safe  and
effective form of modern agricultural
business    without    consequences,
without  destroying  ourenvironment
without    losingquality    production.
Research   has   also shown  elongation
cycle     fertility     crops,       resulting
greater yield.